Coconut oil

Coconut oil as a skin care product is probably one of those oils you have heard about and maybe used. For my part, I was told to use it on my newborn daughter exclusively to treat nappy rash. It didn’t work as promised but coconut oil still remains one of the most affordable and available […]

Building a house – brainstorming insulation

The temperature is dropping here in Australia, we’re heading into winter. And, as in previous years, I’m getting upset by the day. You know why? It’s cold!!! I have lived in countries that have much lower winter temperatures than Australia yet I feel much colder here. It’s not a perception issue, it’s an issue of […]

General additives

I regularly give workshops on homemade face creams where I talk about additives, among many other things. These additives are specific to face creams but can be added to any homemade skin care product. They are generally easy to buy and they do not require any special equipment or extra attention. The only word of […]

Baking sourdough bread

I mentioned in my previous post that there are as many recipes for bread as there are bakers. Today, I want to share my method for making sourdough bread. But, I want to encourage you to look around at other recipes as well (I’ve included some resources at the bottom of this post) and find […]

Take them a meal

One of my friends had a baby last week. In the weeks leading up to her giving birth, a mutual friend asked me if I would consider joining their group of people bringing the new parents a meal. I instantly said yes because I absolutely love the idea!   When we needed support When we […]


Beeswax forms the home of the bees and it is a by-product of the honey production. There is much to be said about the building of a bee hive and the role of the wax in it. Let me highlight that beeswax is a natural product, edible (in small amounts), and it contains many of […]

Essential kitchen equipment

When it comes to whole foods and cooking meals from scratch I think one aspect is very important: kitchen equipment.Without the right tools in your kitchen, any cooking experience can turn into a nightmare. In my experience, there are a few essentials which cannot be substituted.   1. Pots and pans We have a very […]

Shea butter

One of my stables in face creams is shea butter. I’m not the first to note its properties and hence use it in face creams. Shea butter originates from a nut-like berry harvested from the shea tree (or Vitellaria tree) in tropical Africa. It has been used for centuries in the region as skin care […]

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