About me

Hi, my name is Rika and I am the author, creator, and host of everything you’re reading here.

I am a passionate researcher and critical thinker – and a mother of two. Until now I have rarely talked about the everyday stuff I do in my house because it seems normal to me. I grew up in rural Germany with plenty of exposure to a traditional rural lifestyle and only now do I realise how much that has shaped me. I currently live in Australia, without a backyard and without a strong eco-movement to rely on. This has let me to talk about my everyday ideas with friends and it is opening up a conversation I have not had so far. It’s very exciting!


In this blog I’m sharing my ideas. And there are lots of them. So I grouped them as best as I could into four categories: skin and skin care (which includes a number of posts about making your own skin care products), eating and preparing food, building and living in a house, and life in general.

While thinking about and writing for this blog I have realised that some bigger picture ideas come into my way of life. While sustainable living is certainly one of them, zero waste is another. A focus on healthy seasonal eating and reducing the number of resources I consume is another. All these issues tie into a network of ideas and principles by which I live.

Why am I doing this, living a life of making my own stuff and talking about it? It’s simple, I enjoy it. I enjoy knowing what surrounds me, from food to the walls on my house. And I enjoy talking about it, getting new ideas from others, and spreading the word of new and different possibilities.