About me

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Rika. I am a passionate researcher and critical thinker – and a mother of two. I grew up in rural Germany with plenty of exposure to a traditional rural lifestyle and only now do I realise how much that has shaped me. Until recently I lived in Australia, without a backyard and without a strong eco-movement to rely on. This has sparked my urge to talk about my everyday ideas with friends and it is opening up a conversation I have not had so far. 

Now I live in a tiny house on wheels in Sweden. This decision came naturally to us as a family and we’re enjoying the freedom it gives us and the possibilities which come with it. It is my personal realisation of the quote above.

But not just that. The quote incorporates many different aspects of this blog:

I can only change myself, not others.

I need time and space to reflect

I am in control

I won’t achieve anything unless I take action

In this blog, I’m sharing my ideas. And there are lots of them. Some buzzwords might have brought you here: sustainable living, zero waste, minimalism, whole foods. They all apply to this blog as well.  

Why am I doing this, living a life of making my own stuff and talking about it? It’s simple, I enjoy it. I enjoy knowing what surrounds me, from food to the walls of my house. And I enjoy talking about it, getting new ideas from others, and spreading the word of new and different possibilities.

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