Soapnuts and how to use them

I have a new favourite cleaning product: soapnuts. While I still love vinegar and baking soda, soapnuts have become a great addition. They replace my dishwashing liquid, my washing powder, and I’ve added some to my vinegar spray bottle. I love those nuts and thought it was time to write some more about them.   What […]

Going back to handkerchiefs

As a child, I remember having these things around: handkerchiefs. Whenever I had a cold my mum kept a stack ready. And I remember having to wash and iron them. As I got older I started using paper tissues. I don’t remember making that decision rapidly or consciously, it just sort of happened. Looking back, […]

Doing laundry naturally

Recently I posted some thoughts on naturally cleaning bathroom and kitchen, and how to do this  anti-bacterial. Today I want to tackle another area: the laundry. So this post is all about how to do laundry as natural as possible, without harmful chemicals.   Laundry detergent The first topic jumping to mind is, of course, […]

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