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Guest post: Furoshiki – alternative gift wrapping

I came across furoshiki about a year ago but never really took the time to get into it. It’s essentially a gift wrapping technique where you use a large piece of cloth rather than wrapping paper. But since I’ve never actually tried it, I leave it to the experts.

Emma from Invaluable contacted me to share her knowledge on the technique. So, here it is, furoshiki, an alternative to wrapping your gifts this year.

If you’ve never heard of furoshiki, this is the perfect time to dive into the ancient Japanese practice. Furoshiki is a square piece of cloth or fabric used to transport items and wrap gifts. In 2006, the Japanese Minister of the Environment even promoted furoshiki in an effort to increase environmental awareness and reduce the use of plastic. Though it started in Japan, it has become a popular practice in both Eastern and Western cultures. It’s a fun, versatile, and eco-friendly gift-wrapping option.

There are a variety of different ways to wrap gifts using furoshiki. Invaluable created this infographic that details 12 different methods, depending upon the size and shape of the gift you wish to wrap. Use this method of wrapping gifts to help drastically reduce the amount of plastic and waste you consume this holiday season, and feel good about giving gifts to loved ones!


2 thoughts on “Guest post: Furoshiki – alternative gift wrapping

  1. Hallo l Rika
    ich finde Deinen Blog wundervoll und habe mich sehr gewundert über die vielen bösen Kommentare.
    Ich finde Dich sehr sympathisch und kreativ. Mich hast Du inspiriert und ich werde Deinen Blog weiterverfolgen….auf Englisch…

    Kann ja nicht schaden, ein wenig die Englischkenntnisse aufzufrischen.

    Also…alles Gute aus dem hohen Norden Deutschlands

    Furoshiki wird definitiv beim nächsten Geburtstag zum Einsatz kommen….


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