One of my favourite blogs is Becoming Minimalist. The premise of the blog is to encourage readers to simplify their lives. I like the blog because it gives me ideas on how to live smaller and how to downsize.

For some more general guidance for mind and soul, I follow Zen Habits and The Book of Life. Both are great for thinking deeper about issues that concern my life. Zen Habits is a bit more hands-on while The Book of Life is more philosophical (the book is part of The School of Life with local schools and a youtube channel).

My favourite blog for DIY stuff is One good thing by Jillee. She posts daily with very handy ideas on how to make household items yourself.

Another DIY blog I like is Scratch Mommy and their spin-off Pronounce. Pronounce is particularly interesting for any DIY skin care projects.


Online resources

  • Sustainable building

Open Building Institute focuses on ecological housing through creating open source access to building designs and instructions. Their mission is to make affordable, ecological housing accessible to everyone.

In Australia, the Earth Building Association of Australia regularly organises a conference for earth builders and offers a few resources on their homepage about earth building. Paid membership is required however to access full content.

Another Australian resource is the journal The Owner Builder with special coverage of sustainable building techniques. Full content access only through a paid subscription.


  • Straw bale building

European Straw building Association is a federation of European organisations and people particularly concerned with the use of straw in buildings.


  • Earthships

Earthship Biotecture is the home of Earthship designs and principles.  They also offer training through their academy.



Youtube channels

Life in general

Building designs and inspiration

Alternative Lifestyles




Just for fun


Last but not least a big shoutout to Pixabay‘s community for their awesome (free) images!!!

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