Fermenting food

Did you know that chocolate is the result of fermentation? I didn’t until I read about fermentation in general. Fermenting food is a fascinating topic because we are basically talking about encouraging microorganisms to alter our food. ‘Spoiling food’ is another term describing the basic process. But fermenting is different because the goal is to […]

Reflecting on the ration challenge

Last week I participated in a ration challenge and ate the same amount of food as Syrian refugees do. The weekly ration consisted of almost 2 kg of rice, 400 g of flour, 400 g of kidney beans (one tin), 170 g of dried lentils, 125 g of sardines, 85 g of dried chickpeas, and […]

Drying food

One of the most intuitive methods of food preservation is drying food. You can dry almost any food, from fruit to meat. It’s possible to simply dry them in your kitchen window. Other methods include an oven and a food dehydrator. I will focus here on the easy, no-cost version of drying: air drying and […]

Canning food

By no means am I an expert when it comes to preserving food. I want to learn, but so far I haven’t tried most of the techniques available. So I thought instead of me just reading up on it and trying it some time I’d share the results of my research and my journey. Maybe […]

How to make eco food wraps

Eco food wraps are a reusable, eco-friendly, and plastic-free alternative to glad wrap (a.k.a. cling wrap). They can be used for almost anything in your kitchen you would use plastic wrap for fruit and veggies, leftovers, bread, sandwiches, even cooked meat – you name it. And it’s just plain fun to wrap food in them.  The best […]

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