Designing a sustainable house

I want to dive a bit deeper into what makes a sustainable house and explore in particular issues of design and construction. In that research one simple equation stood out for me: the bigger the house the less sustainable it will be. Although size matters, it is not the only factor in determining whether a […]

Digitising my life

In an attempt to declutter, downsize, have less stuff, and be more in control of what I physically own, I have started digitise as much as I can. In particular, my office is part of that project. It’s amazing to see all the stuff I have accumulated and then forgotten about.   Documents My main […]

Avocado oil

My absolute favourite among the oils for skin care is avocado oil. This rich but heavy oil is perfect for dry and very dry skin. I discovered its healing properties in a very cold and dry European winter. It’s perfect for moisturising and also healing dry and cracked skin. Being a heavy oil, it leaves […]

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