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Hair removal – not so common methods

I recently tackled the issue of hair removal and talked about the most common methods.

Today I want to venture into the unknown territory or the lesser known ways of hair removal.


Hair dying

The first isn’t actually hair removal but rather making hair invisible: hair bleaching or dying. This method is particularly useful for facial hair but can be used for just about any part of your body.

The upside of hair dying is that you don’t actually have to remove the hair and thus save yourself some hassle. Dying body hair can last up to four weeks, depending on your hair growth.

The downside of bleaching the hair is that you will be applying bleach to your skin (or very close to it). It can bleach skin as well, which does go away but it might not be a desirable side-effect. Further, the bleach can cause skin rashes, much like any chemicals on our skin.



I mentioned this method of hair removal in my previous post because it is similar to waxing. But sugaring deserves some more attention than a single side-note.

Sugaring has been used for millennia, primarily in the Middle East.

Its basic premise is the same as waxing but it differs in the ingredients used. In a sugaring paste, sugar is mixed with lemon juice and water and heated in a pot. Once it turns amber, it’s ready to use (after it’s cooled down a bit).

I’ve never tried sugaring but given its low cost, few ingredients, and easy make, it’s very high on my list.

Sugaring seems one of the most environmentally friendly ways of hair removal, at least that I have come across. It shouldn’t irritate the skin (or at least not more than waxing) and with its easy home-make aspect to it, It seems perfect for anyone wanting the effects of waxing without having to spend much money.



Epilation is a lesser-known way to remove hair but I’m not sure why. It’s very similar to waxing because it, too, removes the hair with the roots. It can provide the same results as waxing, often with fewer side-effects. However, you will need an epilator machine which is a noticeable up-front cost.

The advantage of epilation is that it provides the same benefits as waxing without causing continuous expenses. Once the machine is paid for, it only requires power. Further, it can remove much shorter hair than waxing. I also find that it makes less of a mess and you can do it easily at home. Some epilators can even be used in water.

The down-side of epilation is that you will need an epilator. I don’t advertise it but Braun has the best reputation and range of epilators.

With an epilator, you will have higher up-front costs but with some care and love, it can last for years. Given the longevity of the machine, I would recommend epilation as the most cost-effective method of hair removal.


Laser hair removal

The most expensive method of hair removal is a laser therapy. Some swear by it. I’ve never tried it.

The idea is that all hair follicles are destroyed in the skin.

The advantage of laser hair removal is that it is permanent. Although it can take a number of sessions to get to this point, once complete, the hair will not grow back.

The disadvantage is that it cannot be done to perfection at home but only in a clinic. Unless you come across a special offer, laser hair removal is expensive. And because it requires multiple sessions, it can be more expensive than expected.

Laser hair removal can also damage the skin if it’s administered by someone inexperienced. Safety comes first so only consider a clinic with a good reputation.

I admit that laser hair removal is not high on my list of methods to try. Although the promise of ‘permanently hair-free’ is tempting, the high cost and potential negative effects keep me from it.

In terms of simple, affordable, and environmentally friendly hair removal methods, laser therapy scores relatively poorly. Only the fact that it’s permanent can off-set some of the cost of shaving, waxing, or any other method in years to come.


Even though hair removal is a cultural ‘thing’ and something to rebel against, the feeling of hair-free skin is nice. I’ve tried to collect the most common and uncommon methods of hair removal. What’s your preference? And, what’s your secret to hair-free skin?

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