Designing a sustainable house

I want to dive a bit deeper into what makes a sustainable house and explore in particular issues of design and construction. In that research one simple equation stood out for me: the bigger the house the less sustainable it will be. Although size matters, it is not the only factor in determining whether a […]

Digitising my life

In an attempt to declutter, downsize, have less stuff, and be more in control of what I physically own, I have started digitise as much as I can. In particular, my office is part of that project. It’s amazing to see all the stuff I have accumulated and then forgotten about.   Documents My main […]

Avocado oil

My absolute favourite among the oils for skin care is avocado oil. This rich but heavy oil is perfect for dry and very dry skin. I discovered its healing properties in a very cold and dry European winter. It’s perfect for moisturising and also healing dry and cracked skin. Being a heavy oil, it leaves […]

Why and how I make my own deodorant

In my quest to making skin care at home, I have made my own deodorant. It wasn’t so much because I¬† was unhappy with the commercial one I used or because I had read about all the bad stuff it contains. It was simply a matter of wanting to determine my own scent. The good […]

What is a sustainable house?

One important part of this blog, and in my life, is the question of housing. To me, it doesn’t make much sense to talk about the everyday shopping and cooking experiences if we neglect the big impact of housing on our lives and our planet. Building a new house, for example, can produce up to […]

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