I like technology as much as the next person. I have a smartphone, a tablet, a notebook, ebook reader … you name it. But sometimes I like to switch off. We have established a few zones in our house where technology is not welcome. Before you read on, let me just say that I don’t […]

A life of choices and privilege

I want to clarify something. It’s about where I see myself (and this blog) with regards to a global movement to whole foods, ecological living, zero waste, and sustainability in general. It’s essentially about the privilege to choose my life. Let me begin with an example from my life: picking my son up from daycare. […]

Is sugar bad?

Any respectable book on nutrition and cooking advises against sugar today. Moving away from it seems to be the answer to any health concerns with regards to eating. Jamie Oliver shows some effects of sugar on health in his documentary Sugar Rush. I agree to some extent but not all the way to the evil […]

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