Olive oil

Talking about olive oil seems repetitive. It’s been around as a cooking oil for millennia. Even as an ingredient for skin care, olive oil is difficult to beat. Above all, it’s accessible and affordable. Even just the oil on its own makes for excellent skin care. Texture Among oils used for skin care, olive oil […]

On food from my backyard

We have a couple of trees and shrubs in our tiny courtyard which were there when we moved in. Most of them are just evergreens without any fruit or flowers. There is one tree however that flowered and now has green, yellow and red fruit on it. They look like little pumpkins, my son noticed […]

Bread baking – part 1

We’ve been baking our own bread for the past seven years, using various recipes and with varying success. Since moving to Australia I have been baking bread regularly, about twice a week. It’s cheaper and tastes much better. I want to use this post to talk about some fundamentals in break making. Essentially, I want […]

The importance of Müßiggang

As the long Easter weekend comes to an end and everyone is heading back into their routines it might be time to talk about one of my favourite past-times: Müßiggang, slowing down or just doing nothing. This sounds less important than it is. Doing nothing gives us time to think. Maybe even making life-altering decisions. […]

Easter traditions

As we’re heading into the Easter weekend craziness I thought it was a good time to think about what it is we are celebrating this time of year. Sometimes I get the impression it’s all (and only) about buying stuff. The meaning behind the festivity gets lost in a rush to buy bunnies, eggs, and […]

Working out at home

I don’t have a gym membership. Running and swimming are not my favourite exercises. I get my workout done at home. No, I don’t mean running after kids or hanging out the washing. I exercise at home in front of the TV every morning for around 30 min. My husband got me a (very) good […]

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