Straw bale wall

Attending a building workshop – live blogging

As part of my collection of ideas and thoughts on a smaller and more fulfilling lifestyle I’ve been looking at alternatives to conventional housing designs. As a family we have started looking into ideas such as Earthships, mud brick houses, and straw bale buildings. This is all very exciting for me and also completely out of my comfort zone.

In order to change that and get acquainted with traditional and alternative building techniques I signed up for a straw bale workshop for the next four days. Essentially I will build someone else’s house and I will learn about building with straw bales more than I could in books and videos.

Over the next four days I will post my thoughts here. I hope this will be an inspiring read for anyone interested in sustainable and alternative building designs and techniques. For me and my family it will certainly be one important step in our journey to an alternative house.

Day one

Day two

Day three

Day four


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