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This blog is about sustainable living.

Sustainable living means to re-discover how to live within our means, without putting more pressure on natural resources. It aims to reduce our individual and societal footprint on our earth.

We live in a world based on mass consumption and one-fits-all-solutions.

This blog is about inspiring YOU to farewell a well-designed lifestyle and to discover what you know, what you can make yourself, and what matters to YOU.


Be the change

I created this blog in early 2017 to open up a conversation about practical sustainable living.

This blog is about living a simpler life with a smaller impact on the world around us. By sharing my personal experiences I want to inspire you to try new ways of life. I want to encourage you to move beyond the comfort of our modern lifestyle and rediscover what we can make ourselves.


I’m tackling this enormous question in four different areas:

Skin – where I share easy solutions for homemade skin care.

Food – where I talk about eating well, preserving food, and what foods can easily be made at home.

House – where I share ideas around sustainable building practices.

Life – where I contemplate life’s obstacles like how to shop ethically, how to get inspiration, and how to participate in social life.



A large part of this blog is about sharing skills.

On a local level I regularly teach and learn with Wild Rumpus and Coursecouch.

Online I teach through Skillshare. You can access my classes here.



On my resources page, I give you ideas on where to go to for further information. I’m writing every post as an inspiration for you, not as a manual. I want to inspire you to try an alternative way of life, and not tell you how it has to be done.

Sustainable living is a personal affair. I’m sharing my ideas and I want to hear yours. Connect with me and meet me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or leave a comment on a post.


I’m excited to have you here and I look forward to sharing ideas.

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