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Guest post: Heat Loss in the Home

When we started designing our tiny house I had to answer a number of questions. One of them was how we want to heat and insulate our home. I honestly had no idea about those things and started to read a lot.

When Jane of Senator Windows approached me with an infographic about that very subject I was finally able to connect the dots. So, of course, I want to share that graphic with you.

But first a word from Jane:

Running a home is not an easy task, there is so much to remember in order to keep things in check. That is not to mention the issues of regular household bills that continually come in. One regular household outgoing are heating bills but they are an inevitability in many climates. However, you might not realise how much heat you’re losing due to things like a lack of insulation throughout the home! Furthermore, this can be horribly environmentally damaging in the long run if we all don’t tackle it! The guys at Senator Windows have outlined everything you need to know if you wish to tackle the problem of losing heat from your home. They detail some interesting statistics; they explain exactly what is meant by an “R-Value”; they indicate on a graph where most heat is lost and they also highlight a number of actionable ways that you can fight against this heat loss and be more energy efficient. Check out the full details below!

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