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Five awesome things about tiny house living

We moved into our tiny house exactly one year ago now and I can say with certainty that we really enjoy it. Yes, there have been times where it was annoying but overall we really love the house, the design of our house, our parking, and living with less stuff.

There were doubts and doubters before we made the move into our tiny house. We weren’t sure if it was a good idea to live in such a small space as a family of four. We were unsure of how well we would do with thinking outside the box. But those are thoughts from the past. We have seen all four seasons in our house and I want to use the opportunity and touch briefly on the five best things about our first year in the tiny house.

We each have our space while being together all the time

One aspect I really appreciate in our house is that we are together a lot but at the same time we can go into sperate parts of the house. That’s possible only because of our design.

We built the house exactly the way we need it right now for our family. There are no corners in our house which are unused or obsolete. Every space is used and nothing is wasted.

When we designed the house we wanted to make sure what we had designated areas of the house and as few multi-functional ones as possible. For example, our dining area is separate from our lounge area. In the same vein goes that our bedrooms are separate from each other and the living area. One person can stay in bed while the others are in the house. And one person can be on the computer while the others watch TV – in the other room.

It’s the right design for us!

We are much closer to the outside

Stepping out of the door is no big deal for us anymore. Even if the weather is not great, we spend a lot more time outside than we used to when we lived in a conventional house. That also has to do with the fact that it can get crowded inside but it’s mainly because our lives are connected to the outside.

It’s no secret that tiny house living comes with limited storage space. We don’t have a workshop inside the house so we have to leave the house to get to it. The same goes for an exercise space (although I did exercise in the house in winter). And that doesn’t even mention our chickens, which obviously live outside and need attention all year round.

The most time we spend outside, however, is during the summer months, like now. We have started gardening, are engaged in even more DIY projects than in winter, or we just sit outside to have a cup of coffee. Although the inside is great, the outside is even better. And we love that we just step outside the door and are in nature.

We have everything we need and not much else

I’m still surprised when I look in our shelves and I find things I had forgotten about. We have reduced our belongings by more than half and I continue to give things away or sell them. It seems like it’s simply not ending. And we actually have freed up storage space inside our house.
Tiny house living has meant for us to drastically reduce and focus our belongings. We no longer can afford to just buy things for the sake of it. That said though, we did have to buy new tools and equipment for our animals and homesteading work. However, we think before we shop because space is limited. And that not only saves us money overall but it makes us more focused on what we really need in life.

By the way, the kids have had no issues whatsoever adjusting to this aspect of tiny house living. They possess fewer toys than their friends and they still complain that they have too many.

It feels like home

When we first moved in, I admit that it felt a bit like camping. Crawling into bed was something I associated with camping but not in my house. Now, I’m totally happy to do all that and I honestly miss nothing from our old house. In fact, our crawl-in bedroom is my favourite room in the house. It also makes keeping the bedroom tidy much easier.

There is nothing we are lacking from a conventional house. Sure, there are things like a bathtub or a dishwasher which could make life even sweeter but we know why we don’t have those things.

… and we can totally have parties in our tiny house

A lot of people always question whether we are still able to have friends over and I can only say: YES! It’s absolutely possible to have people over for coffee, dinner or anything in between. We regularly have games night at our place. Baking cinnamon rolls for a Swedish Fika is no problem at all and sharing them with friends is a delight. In fact, within a month of living in our tiny house, we hosted a crayfish party, a party where you sit and eat for hours on end. And there was nothing we were missing. We could even send the kids to their room to play together.

In short, tiny house living requires adjustments, of course. But there is nothing we truly miss or lack from our previous life. On the contrary, we live in a house which is perfect for us, we can step out the door and be surrounded by nature, and we can close the door when it just gets too much.

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