Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is a by-product of the cacao production and the major ingredient in chocolate. For skin care it offers some fantastic properties. Texture Cocoa butter is a luxury product. It creates a very smooth cream and it is very nourishing. It can also add a nice hint of chocolate to any cream. The butter […]

Olive oil

Talking about olive oil seems repetitive. It’s been around as a cooking oil for millennia. Even as an ingredient for skin care, olive oil is difficult to beat. Above all, it’s accessible and affordable. Even just the oil on its own makes for excellent skin care. Texture Among oils used for skin care, olive oil […]

Homemade versus store-bought sunscreen

It’s summer here in Australia which means lots of hot, burning sun. And it also means to wear sunblock practically every day. I don’t like putting normal sunblock on because it leaves my skin feeling all greasy and clocked. I googled a bit and there are alternatives, physical sunblocks rather than chemical ones. I’m not […]

Introducing my skin care

My bathroom looks pretty empty with regards to skin care products and toiletries. I only use 5 products each day: soap, toothpaste, face cream, deodorant, and a toner. Of these only the toothpaste I buy at the supermarket (that’s my sore spot; why, I explain below). About once a week I use baking soda and […]

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